Welcome to Zealous Firearms! Ever wonder what happens when you introduce an entrepreneur, an accountant, and a firearms enthusiast? You're looking at it. We are three friends pooling our money and efforts to create a new business with an ultimate goal to run an indoor range in Orange County! We're starting small, focusing on education and custom orders. We eventually hope to offer a web store stocked with parts and accessories. Once we have a store-front, we will stock a variety of firearms. Once we have the funding, we will open up that indoor range!

What inspired us some less than favorable shopping and shooting experiences. The three us frequently like to convince our friends to take up recreational shooting. We decided what better way is there to let someone make a proper decision about their perspective on firearms than learning firearm safety and shooting safely? So our plan is simple, we hope to provide an atmosphere that is safe, comfortable, and inclusive for all groups. We especially want to make it family friendly, allowing younger age groups to have a good time as well.

Currently, our primary function is education, but we are an FFL-01. Since we do not have a store-front or inventory, for firearm purchases we will work directly with you to hunt down the firearm you are looking for. We have accounts with RSR, Davidson's, MGE Wholesale, Zanders, Lipseye's, Primary Arms, and Geiselle! Hopefully our site is done by the end of 2020, and hopefully we have a fully stocked store by the end of 2021!

We look forward to your patronage on our journey!